18 November 2008

Queensland touched by his creamy goodness!

Gather round, ye faithful, for another sign has been revealed unto us.

Yes, in sunny Brisbane, on the eve of those terrible storms, the Flying Spaghetti Monster revealed the touch of his noodly self to a member of our flock. (Don't ask, brothers and sisters, why there were storms - it's too late to bring logic into this thing.)

Of course the members of the devout Pastafarian commuity don't need so-called 'evidence' to buttress our faith, but we will gladly accept signs of his creamy goodness when he chooses to reveal a noodly appendage.

But back to our visitation. Today we can reveal for the strengthening of your faith, proof that the FSM truly does move among us.

We approach with trepidation (and perhaps a side order of bruschetta)...

And we fall to our knees (taking care not to spill our drinks)...

A moment's reflection, if you will.

Now here at Durum Cathedral, we have been pondering what this revelation may mean. Why in the Sunshine State? Why the day before the rain? What means the number '618'? (Perhaps controversially, is 618 in fact the Number of the Roast?)

As members of our greater theological community, we ask you to suggest possible interpretations. Bring your ideas forth.


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