21 January 2007

A happy Noodly New Year

Welcome to 2007, one and all. Whether you be one of the growing multitude of Australian Pastafarians, or whether you be feeling the first stirrings of His Noodly Appendages, this year promises Great Things.

2006 was a landmark year for the Australian Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. To name but a few blessings from the FSM, we:

In the wider world, we saw more evidence of the consequences of an alarming drop in pirate numbers, as global warming brought cyclones, bushfires and drought to our land.

2007 will surely be even bigger. Over the holidays we have been hard at work at Durum Cathedral, planning the year's activities. This year we will see a growing body of evidence for the FSM, which will surely make the science community reconsider its irrational faith in facts and skeptical inquiry.

Perhaps then we can take our rightful place on the curriculum and in the classroom, dressed as pirates and proclaiming: "Harrr class, now listen up ye scurvy dogs. I be yerrr teacher ferrr today."


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