24 November 2006

Exclusive Pastafarian Sect Targets Lunch

A group of strictly separatist Pastafarians is believed to be behind the recent spate of olive-oil insertions into pots of boiling water around Australia. A shadowy group of "exclusive Pastafarians" with possible links to the gluten free wing of the US church (the "neo-conchiglies") may have been attempting to influence the consistency of pasta in Australian homes.

The National Party is believed also denied all links with these activities, but the timing of these rumours coming so close to the release of the Cole report into other wheat based acts of international scandal cannot be coincidental.


At 10:01 pm, Anonymous Matt Stone said...

Hello, I represent the ONE TRUE SECT(TM) of FSM, the Marinarianites. After discovery of the Dead Seafood Scrolls (at a certain Italian restaurant that shall remain undisclosed) it was revealed to us that His Noodliness is actually made of a seafood pasta dish, not meatballs are some of you heretics have asserted.

At 9:35 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guys, I am concerned about the reference to gluten free being somehow threatening to the CFSM.

We are dedicated pastafarians in this house, even my partner, who has been gluten free for some time now. Such is his dedication to the cause, he has made it a ten year goal to find gluten free beer, in order to continue the true lifestyle of the pastafarian. And although the gluten free pasta does not taste so good, we still eat it regularly, as part of our religious observation.

Lets prove we are better than the Catholics (who have banned gluten free communion hosts) and embrace our poor disabled gluten free brothers and sister


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