17 October 2006

National Curriculum to Redress The Balance

Pastafarians can take heart from the new national curriculum proposed by Education Minister Julie Bishop. How much easier will it be for us to persuade a national curriculum board of the need for the FSM to be a major feature of high school education across Australia? Ms Bishop's focus on history was disappointing, but we are sure that she will soon find that biology teaching will aslo benefit from a reduction in the current Maoist domination of the curriculum, perhaps she can read her predecessor Dr Nelson's handover notes with regard to that?

We too believe that a return to the 3 Rs can only benefit the young people of Australia - Rigatoni, Risi and Rotini and urge all Pastafarians to join with us in encouraging her to make these momentous changes.

While your doing that you might also want to add some extra demands:

- Change tuck shop menus to feature enhanced carbohydrate options,
- Greater focus on 17th and 18th century Carribean naval history
- A return to shanty singing and hornpipe dancing in music classes

RAmen to all the relatively faithful out there


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