03 October 2006

Pirates land and overrun office!

We issued a call for Australian Pastafarians to celebrate international Talk Like a Pirate Day on 19 September, and shiver me timbers if some of them didn't!

The picture above was sent to us here at Durum Cathedral, showing one workplace taken over by a band of brigands. We have obscured their faces to protect the guilty, and to save you from looking deeply into the eyes of such Fierce Buccaneers.

Even so, you can see they are true pirates by their swords and the flinty lack of mercy they are showing their hapless captives. I can only hope -- for the sake of the poor souls kneeling in the photo -- that there wasn't a plank nearby.

On the positive side, I did detect a notable shift in the temperature on Talk Like a Pirate Day, as we struck a blow against global warming. Armed with a trusty cutlass and faith in the Noodly One, we'll save this planet yet!



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