15 June 2006

These guys need some canelloni


Greetings to all swashbucklers and spaghetti munchers out there. Ironically in our sights tonight is "Sight Magazine" and this article in particular which seems to contravene, oh I'm not sure, but most of the 8 I'd really etcs...

There seems to be an irreducably complex logic behind Mr Nyhuis's article. He has spent 15 years in Victorian class rooms, perhaps he has a time machine and uses it to whizz back to 1856, because it seems a bit of a worry for him to be teaching "science" in modern Australia.

Still he probably needs a nice steaming bowl of ravioli and a couple of sea shanties before bed time (can I mention bed, is that OK?) and that would see him right. Anyway, will keep you posted on Sight, they have a fascinating Symposium coming up in Melbourne soon - oh to be in Melbourne with a cutlass that day..



At 8:31 am, Blogger Jejune said...

Greetings fellow Pastafairians, and well met! Having been touched by His Noodly Appendage nearly a year ago, I am very pleased to know that finally some good people have taken up His work here in Australia!

You're quite right, Pastor Dente — Mr Nyhuis really needs some canelloni - sheesh, what planet is this guy on? Clearly not one where pirates roam freely or people think logically (can I mention logic, is that OK?).


At 12:35 pm, Anonymous James, sight's web guy said...

As Sight's web guy I must admit that sometimes I find some of the stories on the site to be a bit conservative - but you shouldn't brand the site as a whole with that sort of brush, we have many articles on all sorts of different topics and many contributors and readers that hold different perspectives.

You might be interested to note the discussion that happened after another id article was published last year (scroll to the bottom of the article for pages of "discussion"):


At 10:19 pm, Anonymous DaveL said...

YArrrr...DaveL here again. That ID Convention sounds like a real hoot!

Can we Pirates attend?

Do you think if our Government funded science and science education properly, that ID would have the foothold that it now has in our school science curricula (only private schools at this stage)? As long as evolutionary biology is not promoted or explained properly, it will become marginalised and susceptible to interest groups with conflicting ideologies, like the ID groups.

However, it's great to see that alternate theories are being considered for Science class, because Flying Spaghetti Monsterism will have to be taught as well. Perhaps full Pirate regalia will also become the new school uniform!

But to balance the argument, why not have a science subject called Unintelligent Design, because there are some examples of completely silly examples, showing poor workmanship eg The Appendix, Male Baldness...dumb, dumb, dumb.

Most ID arguments have been refuted at Talk Origins, which provides the most comprehensive list of available...enjoy!



At 9:17 pm, Blogger Pastor Al Dente said...

Ahoy there Dave

Absolutely - I'd love to hear science teachers explaining to classes of 14 year olds how the miracle of child birth is a product of a designer who really had his / her / its stuff together. Nothing like a piece of red-hot design that sees the woman go through death defying acts to keep the species going. Thanks for the link - will get the long boat out and row in its direction.


At 9:01 pm, Blogger Pastor Al Dente said...

Hi James

Thanks for your comment - I hope we can tempt you with some of the noodly ones tasty morsels. The debate on the Sight site (I bet you have a lot of regular pain having to say "Sight site"?), is fascinating and that Rusty Rockets chaps seems very sure of himself. We'd love to join with the other non-conservatives like Bill Hodgson, Brendan Nelson, Prof Clark and the gang and get intelligent design taught in science classes - as long as the FSM gets a mention as a possible intelligent designer too. Toodle pip and remember always make sure the water is at a nice rolling boil.


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