11 June 2006

Time to teach some controversy

Greetings to the faithfullish. In the spirit of the 5th I'd Really You Rather Didn't, it's just after lunchtime and no better time to get down to some serious Sunday afternoon theology, remember just because "most Australians don't care about Darwininism" (http://jmm.aaa.net.au/articles/1213.htm) doesn't mean it's not lurking out there undermining our faith and overcooking the tagliatelli. Time to teach the controversy in Australian schools, and at the risk of encouraging theophagy, time to serve lasagne in the canteens too.

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum to all your noodlacious pirates out there. Ramen

Pastor Al Dente


At 6:56 pm, Anonymous DaveL said...


It be Captain DaveL from Venganza here. It's nice to see his noodly appendage has touched some more Aussies.

May more of our countrymen discover the glory of his durum based wheaty goodness. May his sauce forever cover thee. And you Beer Volcano be forever filled with VB.

Praised be to his noodly goodness.
For his is the Kingdom, The Parmesan Powder and The Gluttony.

Forever and Ever



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