21 June 2006

Graced with a visit by the noodly one...?

The image seems clear - but can the noodly one have dangled an appendage over the wide brown land?

If any other pastafarians out there have any other sightings to report or even evidence of being visited we are keen to hear.


At 11:35 am, Anonymous Fish said...

His Noodleness has been sighted in and arround Wellington (New Zealand).

At 12:57 pm, Blogger Pastor Al Dente said...

RAmen Fish

His ways are many and his sauces delicious

At 8:57 pm, Anonymous DaveL said...

Dear Pastor Al and Pastor Len,

The Flying Spaghetti Monster, who always talks to me, said he was mighty impressed with the feats of the Socceroos in this years world cup.

A trusted source snapped this shot of The Great One over Uluru, well into the World Cup festivities.



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