17 October 2006

We call on the ABC to end anti-FSM Bias

When was the last time you heard the FSM discussed on Compass? And for that matter, coverage of Pastafarianism on Bananas in Pyjamas has been practically non-existent. Why not Canelloni in Pyjamas? Is the ABC giving Pastafarians a fair go?

The answer to this is clearly a resounding "no!". We can only hope that the new anti-bias guidelines to be introduced by the ABC will allow us to remedy this appalling situation, in which we find ourselves shamefully neglected. We do not even have enough coverage to be misrepresented, indeed, how we would love to be misrepresented, at least it would show they care!

The new guidelines will cover "news and current affairs, opinion programs, factual programs and performance pieces" and it can only be a matter of time before this crude and offensive anti-FSM bias is redressed by the ABC.

I am available personally for appearances on any ABC show that chooses to do what is right. Surely there is room on Midsomer Murders for a spot of pasta for lunch - and how can they have produced two series of Hornblower without showing a single pirate? The bias is there friends, we just have to look hard for it, and then whinge as loudly as we can!

RAmen one and all


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