18 September 2006

Arrrr you talkin' to me?

Tomorrow, 19 September, is international Talk Like a Pirate Day (TLAP) and Pastafarians around Australia will be donning eye patches and scanning the horizon with tharrrr one good eye. And of course talking like a proud buccaneer.

It follows the great success of the 2006 Census, when Pastafarians the country over stood up and declared their faith (and asked for a little cracked pepper).

For TLAP day, we will show the world that pirates are central to our faith, and selflessly do what we can to save that world from destruction.

Most of you will know that global warming is caused by the alarming decline in the number of pirates in the world over the past few hundred years. (And the weak of faith can find all the evidence they'll need here.)

As former US Vice-President Al Gore said when he was in Australia last week, the threat of global warming is greater than ever -- and we need to take drastic action now if we are to avert disaster.

What ye can do
By all means reduce your energy usage and travel by public transport where you can (preferably by ferry, ye scurvy dogs).

But the other thing we can do is help reverse the decline in pirate numbers, for one day at least. Get out yerrr pirate costume -- and you know you want to -- and shake yerrr cutlass in the face of those melting glaciers. We'll save the world or plunder the oceans trying!

Ye can also join the Pirate Discussion Forum over on the Venganza site. Brother DaveL has called on all Salty Sea Dogs to try their pirate lingo on the rest of the crew.

Yo ho ho and a birthday cake!
And a big jolly "harrrr" to Sister Denise, who celebrates her birthday on TLAP Day itself. An extra pint of rum for you Denise, and give us a hearty cheer when you finish knitting that pirate flag!

Now what greater act of faith is there than to be born on one of the holiest of days in the Pastafarian calendar?